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Do you have Active Kids & Creative Kids voucher expiring on January 31?

Hear that rhythm? It's the beat of excitement as Term 1 at Jump St Dance Studio opens its doors on January 29!

Act fast because time is running out on your Active Kids & Creative Kids vouchers. Don't let them expire on Januarya 31, 2024 - transform them into a dance-filled adventure with us! 

Why choose us? We're not just a dance studio; we're a family. Our expert instructors and diverse classes make learning to dance a joyous experience for all ages and levels.

Time's ticking on those vouchers! Enrol now and watch them transform into a dance adventure. Whether you're into ballet, hip hop, or everything in between, our studio is where you'll find your dance passion.

Seize the rhythm, enrol today, and let's make Term 1 unforgettable together!

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